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Physical therapy is beneficial in many ways. This form of therapy has been around since Ancient Greece. Strengthening certain areas of the body is one of the bigger benefits. Physical therapy can restore movement in joints that may not work as well due to stiffness. It can also help to ease discomfort, which most physical therapy patients have due to surgery, an accident, or an injury of some sort.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

"Steve has helped change my life. For years I suffered from terrible back pain, and my legs were so weak that I often fell. Today, I'm much stronger and safer, and my pain is all but gone."

-Bob C., Mendham, NJ

Physical therapy exercises are done to help strengthen muscles and restore joint health, stability, balance, and muscle tone. Exercises include things like walking or lifting one leg at a time. Other exercises can be more difficult.

Physical therapy exercises

Our biggest goal is to have you be pain-free, and it is one of the main reasons that we do what we do. Your goals should be more short-term, and will definitely be based on where you are in your personal recovery. We want to help you return to independent activity where you do not have to be dependent on other people for daily tasks and chores.

We want you to meet goals, and we want to meet ours

We are members of the American Physical Therapy Association.


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